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Sweet! A Pirate Suite!

July 6, 2010

A mom name Heather, who also happens to be a soap and body yum entrepreneur (her site here: contacted me through etsy about making address labels and “booty bag” labels to match my pirate birthday party invite.

She bought the invite, but we ended up bartering for the labels and I’m looking forward to receiving my goodies in the mail.

So, now I have an entire suite of Pirate themed goods, including a photo thank you card, available in my etsy shop. I’m going to do cupcake toppers and t-shirts when I get some time. Any other ideas for must have birthday party accoutrements? I was thinking a banner would be cool, but I’m not sure how easy it would be for folks to print on their own.

Here are the address labels/alternate goody bag labels. I haven’t listed them on etsy yet, but will ASAP.

Pirate Address Label

An alternate Booty Bag label

p.s. All the labels are designed to print on Avery’s #5294 labels or these labels from

  1. Beyond Fab!

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