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Ahoy, Texy!

August 30, 2010

Tex has finally committed to a Pirate Theme for his 5th Birthday Party. First it was going to be a doohy woohy (aka go gos crazy bones) party, something I was dead set against. “What do you do at a Doohy Woohy party?” asks I. Show each other  our Doohy Woohy’s, and I don’t know.” Replies Tex.

However, his enthusiasm for all things Swashbuckling is growing as are my crafting plans. . .

We will, of course use hannahcloud DESIGN’s pirate “line” of stationery with some personal tweaks just for my Texy.

I have a tendency to go a little nuts over Birthday Parties and I will definitely post the end results.

Here are a few shots from Birthday 3: Cars and Birthday 4: Super Heroes:

(Crafts: The felt capes were super easy and I’d be happy to post a tute if anyone is interested. The super super-hero masks were purchased from Fancy That on etsy. I made the yellow car out of a large cardboard box and duct table– before I had two preschoolers obviously.)

These last two parties were pretty much free for alls, but 5 year olds can definitely handle an obstacle course treasure hunt.

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  1. Awwww… how cute! What a great theme!

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