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Viral Crying Baby Tex

July 8, 2010

Hard to believe how times have changed since Tex was a baby. In order to share videos of baby Tex with grandparents and friends, I uploaded them to YouTube. Now I hardly ever visit the site except to follow a link (steroetypically, poor Theo has hardly any movies of himself, whereas Texy’s first drool is filmed). I tvisited my account today to discover that this video of Tex has over 25,000 views.

What could possibly be so appealing about a crying baby? I can only imagine that people are watching with shock at my cruel method of parenting. Or are there people out there whose idea of fun is searching for “baby falling down” clips?

Tex’s Aunt pointed out that he might just be crying because of the Michael Jackson playing.

One Comment
  1. Ayana permalink

    Maybe it’s just because he’s soopa-doopa adorable?

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