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Fabulous AND Functional

June 26, 2010

Here’s a small little something for you that has really changed the landscape of my car (and if you have young kids you know just how hairy that can be):

It’s an Auto Trash Bag available for $19 + shipping from etsy seller The Mod Mobile aka Allyson Hill.

I am totally in love with mine. I got it in the fabric above but she has a zillion fabric choices and she also sells a variety of other handy auto organization accessories (plus some non-auto stuff).

The bag is sturdy and professionally sewn, it has a stiff inner lining into which you insert a dog poop pick-up bag (or produce bag, etc), and then you tuck the extra bag into the space between the inner pocket and the decorative fabric exterior. The bag comes with an adjustable snap strap that you can loop around a variety of places in your vehicle (mine is on the headrest post of the passenger seat since I rarely have a passenger. If I do, I can just swing it around back.)

I can’t believe I’m gushing over a trash sack, but I love looking at it and it has virtually decimated the gum and granola bar wrappers, receipts, and fallen goldfish the poor car used to swim with. This is definitely something I’m going to be ordering in bulk come Christmastime as I can think of a whole passel of moms whose lives will be better for it.

Also loved Allyson’s post on the Pomodoro Technique. Definitely something to try.

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