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Damn You Zhu Zhu Pets. . .

June 3, 2010

Last Saturday, after watching a commercial for Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters, Tex came screeching into the kitchen to announce that there were now Zhu Zhu pets for boys!! Oh the joy. The geniuses, no sarcasm intended, over at Zhu Zhu Pet headquarters determined that they hadn’t cornered the whole market on animatronic hamsters so they rolled out the Kung Zhu line that includes, get this, battle armor and ninja training stations for hamsters.

Frighteningly, the hamsters and their accessories go for $10 plus. And guess who wants them all. I told him to put them on his Christmas list (further away than his birthday — a trick my mom taught me) and he asked me to write it down for him. I told him the list should be in his head because, duh, if I write it down he won’t forget it by the time Christmas rolls around.

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