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Blow Me Down

June 3, 2010

I started the sunny day with this beautiful Morning Glory blooming in my backyard:

Around 3:45 today it was sheeting down the heaviest rain I have ever seen in this area. The rain lasted less than half an hour and included some thunder and lightning. Then for almost an hour it was clear and spots of sun started to burn through the clouds and we risked taking poor, terrified Lindsey out for a walk. The thunder started to rumble again while we were walking and we managed to duck into the house just as the first peanut sized drops began to fall. What followed was absurdly heavy rain, heavy thunder and lightning, brief loss of power and then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere came a wind that blew a window open, shook the doors of the house, and momentarily flattened all vegetation to the earth. And then, it was over. Later, I saw on the news that it had been gusting at 70 miles per hour.

This is a 3 foot tall “splinter” of maple that was driven into the ground when the tree shattered.

I was so busy dealing with scared Lindsey, jumpy Theo, and dinner prep that I failed to notice that we had lost the top half of a tree into our neighbor’s yard. No house damage (and we’re lucky, this house was hit hard and a teen was hit by lightning.) but a truckload of tree in his back yard and leaning up against his home and his roof. These pictures really don’t do justice to the mighty amount of tree that covers his usually lawn covered yard.

I took this photo around 8 o’clock when we were still totally masked in storm clouds and everything felt silent and damp.

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