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Awesome Wallpaper, Awesome Dentist

June 2, 2010


This is the fabulous, graphic wallpaper in the bathroom of our awesome dentist, Dr. Baratz in Marblehead. I wish they provided crayons!

There are more than a fair share of dentists in the Swampscott/Marblehead area and I admit I chose Dr. Baratz randomly and in large part based on proximity, but I have been nothing but happy with him, his work, his office and his hygienists.

I have crappy, cavity prone teeth and have had several crowns expertly replaced by Dr. Baratz and his assistant Jen. They are willing to explain what’s going on and why to me, which I appreciate since I’m a curious gal.  I also had my totally chipped and cracking front teeth (I also grind) veneered and no one can even tell, which for me, is the point.

Tex goes there too and  loves it so much that from the moment he awakens on the day of his cleaning he asks if it’s time to go yet. The prizes and new toothbrush may play into his enthusiasm, but his hygienist Karen clearly loves kids and he is totally at ease with her. Anna and Michelle staff the front desk and my favorite thing about them, other than their smiling faces, is their persistence. When it’s time for a cleaning, they send a postcard, they call and leave a message and, when I still don’t respond, they keep calling until they get in touch with me. I guess some might call this harassment, I call it necessary use of force and appreciate it to no end.

So, this truly was going to be an incredibly short post about the cool wallpaper in Dr. Baratz’s bathroom, but why skip an opportunity to sing the praises of a team of people who do their jobs incredibly well. If you are searching for a new Dentist in the Essex County/North Shore area, give Dr. Baratz a call.

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