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The Purrfect Party

April 19, 2010

Yet another entry. I need to slow down now though, since my mousing shoulder is screaming in pain.

My inspiration for this card was a cat party I attended when I was about 6. We all wore socks on our hands, the mom made us ears and tails, and painted our faces with whiskers, and we drank milk out of bowls. There are tons of other fun cat themed activities too– the cat and mouse parachute game, a kitty obstacle course, decorate your own collar/necklace. What other cat themed activities can you think of?

If you google “cat themed birthday party” you get tons of results. I thought this party was especially cute.

  1. lara permalink

    meow! love the notion. love the invite. maybe the number in a flower could be in a ball of yarn/bell toy?

  2. tito simboli McFadden permalink

    Wonderful photo–all are super and love the blog

    • Thanks Tito– the photo’s not actually mine– it was supplied by the challenge organizers, but I appreciate your stopping by!

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