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Big Trouble in Time Management Land

April 18, 2010

Oh, no. has just announced a new design challenge– kid’s birthday party invites– and the deadline isn’t until May 7th which gives me WAY too much time to futz around on the computer while my boys languish. Here is my first entry– the monkey actually comes from the design I did for a friend’s Walk Now for Autism Speaks T-Shirt. Unfortunately the walk got rained out and they never got to wear the shirts.

Other entries I hope to spend my non-existent time working on:

Dive On In Pool Party Invite

Somebunny’s Turning One Invite

Upcycled/Recycled Art Party Invite

Whisk up Some Fun Baking Party Invite

Meow, Purrfect Kitty Party

Wild West Party Invite

STRIKE! Bowling Invite

Sandcastle/Beach Invite

Wild Animals Invite

OK, as you can see I’ve  bitten off far more than I can chew. Do you have any preferences? Tell me which you’d most like to see. And, if they aren’t chosen, I can put them up for sale in my etsy shop 90 days after submission.

  1. I love the monkeys. Love them.

    Wild Animals are always a hit, who can resist a Pool Party?, and I LOOOOVE when kids dress up in cowboy boots. Those are my choices for kids. However-I would probably order the baking party invites and make it a grown up party!


    • Just let me know when your baking party is and the invites will be made! As long as one of them comes to me. 🙂

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