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Isefy*: Yellow

April 14, 2010

*I search etsy for you

John’s in Korea for the week, Theo’s got a stomach virus, but these glorious sunshiney etsy items could brighten any day. With the exception of the baby items and the hair fork (no baby, short hair), all of these are on my want list. Yummy and bright! The test print by Strawberry Luna veers orange, but there’s some yellow in there. . .

Travelers Bag by Anny & Me

Yum Yum Yum Brocolli Batik Onesie by Jerusha

Yellow Wood Hair Fork by Baerreis

Crocheted Baby Booties by Handmade Baby Love

Test Print #15 by Strawberry Luna

Felt Feather Headband by Blue Eyed Freckle

Bees Linocut by Momona

The Rita Necklace (Yellow Jade) by Dana LeBlanc Designs

  1. Deborah Kyle permalink

    That travel bag is awesome! Thank you for including my little booties:)

    • You are so welcome. They are adorable, almost cute enough to make me want another baby. Almost.

  2. hey thanks for including my headband! lots of cute yellow stuff!

  3. First, thank you so much for featuring my Test Print in your post.

    Second, I love your choices here! I had not ever seen Anny & Me’s shop but I instantly fell in love with that Travellers Bag too, but everything here is so beautiful. Thanks for illuminating these great shops!


  4. You made my day! Thanks so much for including my hair fork – Love the whole collage and hope Theo is feeling better!

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