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Kick the Catalog Habit

April 9, 2010

I have to admit that browsing through catalogs, even lame ones, while on the throne is one of my guilty pleasures, so belonging to Catalog Choice is a small sacrifice on my part. But I can’t stand to heft so much paper into the recycling bin, especially when all the information can be had online, and so I say no thank you to most catalogs. That’s the beauty of Catalog Choice, you don’t have to go cold turkey. If you can’t live without the Ikea tome, you can still get it, but you can stop getting Bob’s Fireplace Fixtures, and whatever other weird stuff clogs your mailbox. Our family is currently opting out of 54 different catalogs.

In order to stop delivery of specific catalogs, you need to create an account at Catalog Choice and then, after you input the address info and customer number from each catalog you no longer want to receive, Catalog Choice will request that the companies no longer send you their catalogs. If you are receiving two copies of the catalog (one to you, one to your husband for example), you will need to request that they cancel both mailings. I wish you could just put in your address and be done with it, but the catalogs won’t stop coming unless you input the specific addressee, so drag that pile of catalogs out of the bin and get to work. Once you have entered the variations of your name used by different companies, they will be saved to your account and accessible via drop-down menu should you need them again.

This also works for some nonprofits (not all). I tend to get overwhelmed by the number of mailings I get from the Heifer International for example, especially when I know I’m only going to make one year end gift, so I save them money and resources by opting out of their mailings.

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