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Elixirs: Presbyterians and Rye Lemonade

April 7, 2010

The multi-talented Terry (husband to my dear friend Lara, father to Eli and Leo, maker of this sock monkey and this elephant hood) is a drink connoisseur. He introduced me to the Presbyterian, and the recipes I’ve found online do not compare to his. A Terry Presbyterian is simply Rye Whiskey, Ginger Beer, lemon and ice mixed in whatever proportions you desire. The trick (though other recipes will tell you to use ginger ale) is to use Goya Ginger Beer (in the Latin foods section of your local supermarket). Goya adds capsaicin to its brew, which warms your throat even as the ice is cooling it. Combine with lemon and Rye Whiskey, and you have the addictive Presbyterian.

I recently purchased my own bottle of Rye so I could make Presbyterians in the comfort of my own home. Late this afternoon, as the temperature was cooling slightly from its high of 88 degrees, I decided a Presbyterian was in order, but discovered I had no ginger beer. Instead, I made myself a Rye Lemonade and thought myself quite creative, until I found multiple mentions of the cocktail online. However, I do think the addition of fresh mint leaves took it to the next level. I also think that there is no better packaged lemonade on the market than Newman’s Own and that using a subpar lemonade would decrease the divinity of the combination.

Take my word for it: serve these at your next warm weather shindig and nobody will complain. And Don’t forget the mint!

The sky tonight as I sipped my Rye Lemonade. Good.


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  1. When lacking a Canon Rebel, go for the “Rebel Yell”.

    • Of course, with new imagery, your comment seems non-sequitor. Had to change the pic, and rebel yell.

  2. Joanna permalink

    It has occurred to me that Terry may have missed his calling at home behind a bar. I think I’ve only ever liked rye/whiskey when imbibed in the drinks he has made.

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