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Canon Rebel Withdrawal

April 1, 2010

My brother and his wife, Ike and Alex, very generously loaned me their Digital SLR Canon Rebel xsi for a truly extended period of time (They also have an even bigger and fancier one). So much time in fact that I began to lose sight of the fact that the amazing picture taking machine was not actually mine. When Ike came to visit us last Saturday and told me they wanted “their” camera back I felt my chest cave in. Give me a little time, I begged. And so, I turn the camera over on April 3rd, at my other brother Will’s birthday party.

Such good times we’ve had, little, not so little really, Rebel. Remember?

So, of course, I’m already jonesing for a replacement since our little 4 year old Casio exilim with it’s interminable wait time and pales in comparison color and tone rendering is not going to cut it. Actually, the exilim isn’t even ours– it also belongs to Ike and Alex who gave it to us after Tex dropped ours. They had, of course, upgraded to their digital SLRs and , now I understand why, wanted nothing to do with the little point and shoot. Don’t get me wrong, the Casio has served us remarkably well– taking most of the treasured photos and videos of our children and dog, but I have been spoiled by this jaunt into fancy camera land.

Will I be happy if I go for something mind-range like the Panasonic Lumix or Sony Cybershot, or do I need to figure out a way to get a Digital SLR back into my life? I’d like to say it’s a May birthday possibility, but I imagine that John thinks, reasonably so, that the carport we are about to build (!!) is birthday present enough. We shall see. For now, expect less artful pics on this here blog as I return, reluctantly to my titchy point and shoot.

Sigh. Better to have loved and lost, right?


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