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Step into Spring!

March 26, 2010


I was inspired by nearly blooming daffodils and my forced forsythia to put together a selection of green and yellow shoes. I don’t have time to tell you what each is since we’re already late for hoedown family night at the boys’ preschool, but I found them all on where they have a cool color-picking option that allows you to search for shoes by color.  If you are desperate to know the stats on a certain shoe, let me know and I can post the info. doesn’t qualify as an NPR* pick, but they do have pretty good sales and what I think is a much funkier selection of shoes than most online footwear emporiums.
Today only (Friday) a selection of their really cute Miz Mooz shoes are 30% off.
Want to force your own spring buds? It’s as easy a snipping some inconspicuous branches off of a Forsythia, Lilac, or Cherry tree and putting them in a vase in your nice warm house. In a couple of days, and weeks before the flowers bloom outside, you’ll be enjoying a cheery vase full of spring flowers! (Cheaper than new shoes too.)

*Never Pay Retail

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