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Isefy*: Linocuts, Woodcuts, and other prints for the birds

March 25, 2010

* I search etsy for you.

For a while, I have been meaning to pull together some of my favorite lino/wood/gocco/letterpress prints from etsy and as I’m finally getting around to it I realize that there is a truly dominating theme emerging. Apparently, I like prints of birds. Some squirrels, chipmunks, trees, etc., but, overwhelmingly, birds. So, birds or not, I love the “removed” quality of prints. The idea that you are not adding lines to create something, but taking away from a whole to create lines and space and meaning. I also love that you can own an “original” artwork for a fairly reasonable sum. In a lovely frame, any of these would be a great and unique baby shower gift, birthday gift, or, hey I love you surprise.
So here to get us started is the very first etsy seller I ever “hearted” all the way back in 2007. Bird Nerd is Chelsea Groves, an artist who makes her home in San Francisco. Though I’m featuring her lovely, realistic but slightly cartoon-like linocuts here, she actually focuses primarily on fantastically intricate, colorful and dense collage work (top right hand corner). Take a look at Bird Nerd’s etsy shop, you’re sure to find something you like.
anna see is another etsy artist who creates lovely bird, animal, and shoe (?!?!) linocuts. Her work has a muted palette and a lovely weathered look that makes them appear almost as though they are printed onto an old barn wall. I’m especially fond of her series of local southern Californian Birds, native and non-native.

If you are looking for something a little more refined, Chandler O’Leary is the RISD educated artist behind Anagram Press. Her work is clean lined and lush in color, with vivid backgrounds. I can imagine them all on a wall together.
Chandler also produces a Feminist Broadside series. The etsy description says: “ This series is a collaboration between Chandler O’Leary of Anagram Press and Jessica Spring of Springtide Press, in honor of the social and political power of women throughout history.” They are that, but FUN too. JUST DESSERTS is the latest posted on Chandler’s blog and also in her etsy shop:

The previous three artists really stood out to me, but there were a whole bunch of other pieces I also loved so I compiled some below to share with you:
clockwise from top left:

virgencita-original handcarved linocut print by fawa
Bare Trees linocut by Winged Lion
Camera Letterpress Art Print by oneCanoetwo Letterpress
Lettuce Celebrate Letterpress Birthday Card by Pup & Pony Press
Hand Printed Golden Girls Linocut Poster by Money City
little red hen gocco print by amanda kindregan
Lets Go Ride Bikes Block Print by oneCanoetwo Letterpress
Woodland Critter series – CHIPMUNK by Laurajean, Laurajean
Papercuts-cutouts-handcuts- Squirrels by papercutdiecut


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