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Never Pay Retail: Sprinkles and Flowers

March 9, 2010

Spring is here (for the moment at least) and in our family that means. . .ice cream! We took our first walk down to the local ice cream purveyor for a kiddie cup (and an extra cup please) and I realized that it was time to start carrying my sprinkles again.

What? You mean you don’t  BYO Sprinkles? I started carrying my own container of grocery store sprinkles last summer when I balked at paying up to 50 cents for the addition of waxy rainbow turds to my children’s ice cream and I’ve never looked back. If you think you may hit the ice cream stand, throw a ziploc bag of sprinkles in your bag (or just carry the whole tub in your stroller) and you’ll never have to pony up for jimmies again.

Sure, I get a few strange looks, but far more parents’ eyes have opened wide with delight at the idea of being the master of their own sprinkles.

This is the album art for Mitchell's Album "You are my Little Bird," which is as great if not better than "You Are My Flower," though not on sale for $5. The marvelous artist is Ida Pearle.

And while you are enjoying the first warm days and, hopefully ice cream, I must draw your attention to one of the sweetest (without being cloying) children’s musicians out there. In the spirit of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and Ella Jenkins, Elizabeth Mitchell, together with her husband (both of the band Ida) and sometimes their daughter Storey, sings beautiful, fun, folksy, and not at all juvenile children’s music. And, this is the NPR (never pay retail) part. . . right now you can buy her first album “You are my Flower” on Amazon MP3 for just $5. (If you are a member of eMusic, they also carry her albums.) I can’t recommend her highly enough. And if you like Elizabeth Mitchell, these are my other picks for you: Dan Zanes (of the Del Fuegos), and the legendary Ella Jenkins.

So, enjoy the sweet things in life and the coming season of fun!


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