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Spring is Crouching

March 8, 2010

Good grief, what a weekend! It was in the mid-50s here and this sun starved family practically lived outdoors for two full days and we needed it. Not unlike last winter, and not so surprisingly with two young kids, this winter has been rife with illness of every ilk. I’m just getting over the kind of cold that makes you wish you were dead, Theo is recovering from stomach virus number two, and so it was incredibly cathartic to get outside and live.

Most fun for me, we got our hands dirty in the garden; raking leaves, digging out those thorny creeping rose bushes in the back yard that do nothing but cause injury and hurt and have no business here, picnicking and enjoying italian ice, and marveling at the pointy determined tips of daffodils, croci and lilies and the burgeoning hydrangea, magnolia and lilac buds. A lot of perennials are sending up little green flares as well: yarrow, sedum, poppies, and lavender. I did a ton of planting and moving last year, so I’m eagerly anticipating my spring-time surprises. John, with the “help” of his strapping sons and less than enthusiastic dog, also cut down the huge arbor vitae that need to go in order for us to build our carport which, fingers crossed, should begin in the next month or so.

So, I’m not ready to say Spring has sprung, but it’s a coming and I’m a happy.

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