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Book Shelf: 501 Science Semeriments

February 28, 2010

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase we do another semeriment now?”

Our beloved Semeriment book with several of our less ephemeral experiments.

That’s basically all I hear in my house since we got this awesome book, 501 Science Experiments. I, of course, lucked into it for 70% off at a bookstore that was not so fortunately closing, but it appears to be available online. Not widely though, so it may be out of print. If you have a 4 year old, I seriously recommend hunting it down. There are, no big surprise, hundreds of experiments. And most of them fall within the “you can find it in the kitchen or bathroom and complete it within 20 minutes without seriously scarring your furniture or frustrating your child” category.

The big hits in our house have been: Invisible Ink, Slime, Clean Money, Tornado in a Bottle, Instant Rust, Chromatography, Floating Egg, Beer Bottle Chimes (not the official name, I’m sure), and Static Electricity with Ice Cream Sprinkles.

We are currently mid-way through experiment “#196 Rubbery Egg” and, this morning, when I checked on our egg floating in a vinegar bath, it was indeed rubbery. Very cool. Can’t wait to show the boys!

Our potato  however has yet to sprout roots. Patience Mama, patience, but it had such a head start.

#187 The Floating Egg

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