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Huichol Beaded Jaguar Head

February 19, 2010

I lucked into this guy at an estate sale for about $30 a few years ago. He’s missing a few beads since they are adhered with beeswax and if you handle the piece too much the wax melts and beads fall off, but he makes me happy everyday especially because he reminds me of a good friend who lives too far away in Florida.

The Huichol Indians, indigenous to Central Mexico, are famous for their bead art (which only originated when glass beads were introduced by the Spanish, I think) and their yarn paintings which are also composed using beeswax.
Both art forms are important shamanistic items in the Huichol culture, but they have also become very popular as collectible art pieces and a quick web search will offer up any number of retailers.
The trick of course is to find one that partners with the artists in a fair way. is National Geographic’s fair-trade world craft website and they have some huichol pieces, but nothing as spectacular as my jaguar.
Now, to find a yarn painting like this at a yard sale. . .

  1. No, nothing could be as spectacular as your jaguar head. But, I’m going to look anyway! xo

  2. Val, you may be the only person who reads my ramblings, but your comments always inspire me to keep plugging on. Much love to you.

  3. Ben S. permalink

    Wow, that thingy is like really wicked!!!!! do you have an e-mail account?
    Visit my blog @

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