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Miseducational Poster #1

January 30, 2010

There are so many things to love about this poster I purchased at a local dollar store.
Whenever I look at it on their playroom wall, I wonder if I am doing my children a disservice, but it is too awesome to take down (this photo does not do the colors justice).

Let me list the ways it rules:
1. It is 3-D– the produce can be popped in and out.
2. It is titled “Family of Color Vegetables and Fruits.” Clearly, my family may not eat any of the fruits or vegetables listed below.
3. “Hawthorn” is spelled “hawthron,” but after a quick google I can tell you that the hawthorn fruit is well rendered (the peaches on the other hand are severely underripe). This appears to be the only true typo, though you will find capitalization and pluralization inconsistent throughout.
4. Grapes are labeled as “gourd”
5. The true fun though is in the attempt to translate from Chinese into English. The names, as I’ve discovered via the magic of the interwebs, are not so much incorrect, as not the common names for the intended audience.
For example:
“brinjaul” for eggplant, which is apparently an alternative spelling to the Indian name for the aubergine, brinjal.
“spinage” for spinach
“megranate” for pomegrante, which I’m still a little unclear on. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the two? The look very similar.
“pimiento” for pepper. This may well be a pimiento, but it seems odd to be so specific.
6. It is hard to see in the photo, but there is a bowl of terrified anthropomorphic fruit in the upper right hand corner, perhaps threatened by the joyful pudgy dragon to the left.

7. Um, it was $1.

So, in actuality this is quite an educational poster as it has forced me to ferret out the association between brinjaul and eggplant, but still, I’d be disturbed to see this hanging in any classrooms.

Just wait til I post the Vehicle poster by the same manufacturer.

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  1. Sarah Haase permalink

    I have spent hours staring at this ‘beaut, wondering if you and your children speak some obscure, fancy language that I do not understand.

    • there is something so mesmerizing about it and since tex eats none of the items pictured, i don;t worry that he will ask for brinjaul parm the next time we’re out.

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