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i search etsy for you: “hanging mobile”

January 26, 2010

Mobiles are marvelous. They sway and move in the air. You can lie in bed and watch them float above you or glance them through a doorway as they hover and dance. When you run out of wallspace, there is always room for a mobile, and they make a room seem alive. Tex and Theo have no less than four things/mobiles hanging in their bedroom, and I think they could use a few more. And I’m not talking stuffed bears and bunnies, I’m talking grownup mobiles with calder-esque swoops and off-kilter balancing magic.

Here are the mobiles I wish were hanging all over my house. From etsy, to you:

1. Seriously inspired by Calder, this Kinetic Mini Mobile with Red Leaves by skysetter would look great in any breezy, light filled nook.

2. Lovely paper birds float the skies in this Bird Mobile by khamm75.

3. Another simply perfect piece by skysetter, this time with circles in blue and turquoise.

4. Too cute! Check out The Colin Mobile by Mere Designs. Can’t get over the great paper. Check out the Illustrator’s etsy shop, Jenn Ski.

5. This, I guess, is more of an outdoor model, but what spectacular lines:  The Copper Triple Mobius Mobile, Large by Starflower Silver.

6. This reminds me of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes, a sad but wonderful book based on a true story. Custom made origami crane mobile by Lilimandrill.

7. An absolute explosion of color, the Constellation Mobile by The Wonderland Studio would  liven up any bedroom or playroom!

8. Technically, this isn’t the kind of mobile I was looking for, but with is lovely greys and organic balance, I could not pass up Jordan Brown’s Cute Driftwooding Hanging Art.

9. Like a more refined version of the constellation mobile, the Blossom Baby Modern Mobile by pukapuka has a long drop and lovely translucent circles.

So, that’s my mobile round up. thanks for. . .hangin’ out.

  1. notsharp permalink

    you’re marvelous!

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