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treasure boxes!

November 15, 2009

One of Tex’s very favorite possessions is the “treasure box” we made from an attached lid shoebox, pictures of his favorite things and packing tape. He’s had it for almost a year and it has held up incredibly well.


His friend Addie just turned 3 and had a princess themed party and since I happened upon a stack of princess books at Savers just before her party, I thought it would be fun to make her a treasure box too.

I started out with a kid’s boot box, which by the way held these fabulous boots for Tex, purchased from for a mere $17 (yay coupons and free shipping!):

In addition to the story books, I also used decorative paper (anything will do) to cover box so no labels or words show through. After covering the box with the base paper (using a glue stick), I went through the books and cut out images to collage onto every bit of the box. I just kept working until I felt it was suitably busy (I like busy, especially for a 3 year old). Then I used packing tape to create a crush proof, waterproof, tear proof exterior and the box was done.



I did add one little picture by Tex since the box was holding the gift from him, but if I were a better mom I would have let/encouraged him to be more involved in the process.

Next time. . .

  1. becky permalink

    love this box, so cute!!

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