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pine cone update

November 15, 2009


The other day I blogged about the sticky pinecones you see above.

Well, I followed the directions I found online and baked my pinecones on parchment paper at 200 degrees for half an hour, but after 30 minutes they were still sticky, so I let them go half an hour more. Firstly, this process made the house smell divine and well, piney. After an hour of baking, the resin on the pinecones had melted, some of it glazed the cone itself, and some dripped onto the parchment paper. The cones seemed quite a bit browner and if I had left them in much longer I’m quite sure they would have started to burn, but at one hour they were just fine. I was especially happy with the glazed effect achieved, and, mission accomplished, no stickiness. CIMG8645

They look beautiful as they are and I love the way the pods opened up and you can see where the seed lay, but I think I’m going to let the boys paint some of them them to make ornaments for grandparent/teacher gifts.


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