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it’s a tree house, fort, top secret super hero base, bungee platform, anything. . .

November 13, 2009

Since neither Tex nor Theo read my blog, I can spill the beans on their big joint Santa toy.

Tex has been clamoring for this outrageously junky item that costs upwards of $60:

He was told that it would never in a million years enter our home.

Instead I just ordered the tree house pictured at top. It’s by Maxim Toys and has much better reviews than the similar Plan Toy’s treehouse which apparently has a lot of pieces that continuously fall out. I haven’t seen it in person yet, and don’t know how assembly will be, but I’m pretty excited and think it will be the perfect gormiti/bakugan/number buster/ben10/scooby doo/star wars/spiderman/batman hang out.

I found mine for $85 with free shipping on ebay. I haven’t seen it for less anywhere else.

What are you getting/making the little ones for the holidays? Do tell.

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  1. mamgena permalink

    Remember how Ike used to write Santa–year after year–asking for a television? Just tell Tex that Santa only brings presents the parents approve of. Grandparents, however. . .

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